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E-Passport: Now traveling abroad will be easy, with many advanced features, e-passport can be approved soon

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E-Passport: Passport is the most important document for those going out of the country. People keep it very carefully so that it does not disappear or any other kind of damage does not happen. But in the coming days it will not be needed. It is reported that the Government of India has given the first e-passport (E-Passport) have prepared to give. Under this, India can soon start the second phase of Passport Seva Program (PSP-Version 2.0). After this change, possibly upgraded passports will be included in it.

E-passports will be equipped with advanced features

If the news is to be believed then this e-Passport will be equipped with many modern features. Chip can be seen in it which will keep people’s data safe. It will contain all the information including our biometric details which are already available in the booklet. With the launch of the scheme called Passport Service Program 2.0 (PSP), this e-passport will be available to the people.

This difference can be seen in old and new passport

old Passport Passport contains name, date of birth and other information including thumb impression, while e-passport can see biometric image and digital signature. On the other hand, in the case of data, all the data disappears if the passport is stolen in the old one, while the data can be kept safe with the help of a chip in the e-passport. As another difference, let us tell you that there is no technology available in the old passport, whereas the e-passport is reported to have 41 advanced features. At the same time, with the help of this e-passport, the fear of forgery will also end and because if the information does not match with the chip, the forgery will be caught.

Testing of e-passport continues

Let us tell you that for this new technology, the testing process of Indian e-passport with chip readers of different countries is going on. There is also news of completion of more than half of the process. It is being said that very soon e-passport will be made available to the people of India with new technology. With its help, the facial image and the live image during immigration will be matched in a matter of seconds. In such a situation, it will be easier to catch the lookalike who came from the body of forgery.

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