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Jalandhar: Kulhad Pizza owner breaks silence after ‘private video’ goes viral, calls it ‘fake’

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Jalandhar: Kulhad Pizza owner breaks silence after 'private video' goes viral, calls it 'fake'

Jalandhar’s famous Kulhad Pizza couple finally broke the silence after their alleged private video went viral on social media.

Sehaj Arora, the owner of Kulhad Pizza, has stated that the video is fake and that AI was used to morph the visuals. Arora said that he had received a blackmail message on Instagram, following which he filed an FIR at Jalandhar’s Thana Number 4.

“The viral video is completely fabricated. We received a message on Instagram 15 days ago, along with the video. The social media user asked for money, threatening the post the video on the internet. Following this, I lodged a complaint in Jalandhar’s Police Station number 4,” he said in a video shared by him.

“The police also rounded up some people in the matter. However, I became preoccupied with other tasks, and the Police were unable to take further action. Then, all of a sudden, the video went viral,” he added.

He further claimed that the blackmailers may have used AI to swap the faces in the video. Saroj also urged people to not share the video further and delete it and also threatened legal action.

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