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US President Joe Biden in UK: Talks, NATO Summit & More

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US President Joe Biden in UK: Talks, NATO Summit & More


In a highly anticipated visit, US President Joe Biden has arrived in the United Kingdom for talks with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and King Charles III, just ahead of the NATO summit in Lithuania. However, President Biden’s decision to provide Ukraine with cluster bombs has drawn criticism, particularly from NATO allies such as the UK.

Strengthening US-UK Relations

President Joe Biden’s visit to the United Kingdom holds significant diplomatic value, as it aims to reinforce the “close relationship” between the two nations. This gesture of goodwill serves as an opportunity to discuss crucial matters, including the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, clean energy initiatives, and the impact of Brexit.

Controversial Decision: Cluster Bombs for Ukraine

Amid escalating tensions with Russia, the Biden administration recently announced its decision to provide cluster munitions to Ukraine. This move has raised concerns among NATO members who oppose the use of such bombs. The UK, being a signatory to a convention that prohibits the production or use of cluster munitions, has made its stance clear on the matter.

UK’s Stance and Support for Ukraine

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has underscored the United Kingdom’s steadfast dedication to supporting Ukraine in the face of Russia’s unlawful invasion.. While expressing solidarity, Sunak highlighted that the UK provides assistance to Ukraine through means such as heavy battle tanks and recently, long-range weapons. The use of cluster munitions contradicts the UK’s obligations under the convention it has signed.

Biden’s Agenda in the UK

During his visit to the United Kingdom, President Joe Biden is expected to address various issues, including concerns related to the peace process in Northern Ireland following Brexit. The absence of the US President at the coronation of King Charles III had previously attracted criticism, but Biden assured Sunak during their meeting in Washington that the UK remains a “closer ally” to the US.

Challenges at the NATO Summit

President Biden’s attendance at the NATO summit in Vilnius is likely to face scrutiny due to the decision to provide Ukraine with cluster munitions. Fellow NATO members may raise concerns about the use of these weapons, as cluster bombs have a notorious reputation for their indiscriminate nature, causing harm to civilians long after conflicts have ended.

Cluster Bombs: Controversial Weapons

Cluster munitions are known for their ability to spread over a large area and remain dormant until they come into contact with people, posing a significant risk to civilians. More than 120 countries have signed a convention banning the use of cluster bombs due to their indiscriminate effects. However, the United States, Russia, and Ukraine are among the countries that have not signed the convention.

Tea at Windsor Castle: Environment Talks

During his visit to the royal residence of Windsor Castle, President Joe Biden will have the opportunity to engage in discussions with King Charles III. The primary focus of their meeting will revolve around environmental concerns. This aligns with the Biden administration’s commitment to combat climate change and promote global environmental sustainability.


President Joe Biden’s visit to the United Kingdom serves as a pivotal moment for strengthening US-UK relations. Despite facing criticism for the decision to provide Ukraine with cluster munitions, Biden’s discussions with UK leaders and his participation in the NATO summit signify the importance of collective efforts to address global challenges. The outcome of these talks will have far-reaching implications for international cooperation and the pursuit of peace and stability.

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